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SNAPPED!! Police Arrest Woman . . . Claim She MURDERED Her Husband . . . SHOT HIM Then COVERED HER TRACKS!!! (Do You BELIEVE Her Story)


A Texas woman has been arrested. Prosecutors say that she conspired with another man to murder her husband. Bob Poynter, a Dallas-area fire captain, was found shot dead in his car around 11 p.m. last Friday.

Witnesses reported that his wife, 29-year-old Chacey Poynter, was spotted trying to get the attention of other motorists. She was with Bob when he was shot.

But police claim that her story doesn't make any sense. Chacey reportedly told police that a man she doesn't know who shot her husband.

Chacey told officers that her husband had been shot and police found Bob Poynter dead in the car from a single gunshot wound, according to a Royse City Police Department press release.

The press release added that Chacey gave “suspicious and conflicting” information, and she was arrested. She is being held at the Hunt County Jail.

An arrest warrant for Michael Garza, 37, was also put out in connection with the murder. He turned himself in early Sunday morning, and police believe he and Chacey were carrying on an affair.