Rae Sremmurd member Slim Jxmmi has said that he will boycott Sweden until ASAP Rocky is set free.

The rapper opened up to TMZ about his stance:

"When you're overseas, it's real tricky. They laws is different. I had got detained for smoking a blunt at a festival so you gotta be real careful. But free A$AP because it's really not right...and when you think about it, they let G-Eazy go. Shout out to G-Eazy, that's my guy, but they let G-Eazy go for some wild sh*t. I don't wanna say it's 'cause of the color of his skin, but it looked wilder," he told the breaking-news outlet.

"I'm not going to Sweden," he continued. "I'll go to Sweden when they let A$AP free...ain't nobody going to Sweden until they let A$AP free or they change they laws [...] When A$AP says Sweden is good, then we'll go to Sweden. If A$AP don't say Sweden's good, we ain't goin'."