There's a new play on Broadway in New York called SLAVE PLAY, that shows a slave girl "twerking" for her master. The play is causing major controversy - and some people are saying that it should be boycotted. 

The play - which stars actress Teyonah Parris - shows the actress "twerking" for her master in one scene.

Here's how the play is being described by a reviewer for New York magazine:

First, we witness three sexual duets, taking place, so it seems, in the fields and boudoirs of the MacGregor Plantation. There’s some unsettling foreplay between a slave, Kaneisha (Teyonah Parris) and the overseer Jim (Paul Alexander Nolan): He catches her anachronistically twerking to Rihanna’s “Workand seems torn between wanting to debase her — he orders her to eat a shattered cantaloupe off the floor and shivers with lust as she digs into it.

And here is an image of the "slave" played by Teyonah Parris twerking for her master - TRIGGER WARNING:


The play is filled—according to those who saw it—with disturbing images of inappropriate s*xual relationships between slaves and White people. 

In case you're wondering who would ever create a play like this? Well, the playwright is a Black man named Jeremy O. Harris - a rising star in the world of Broadway. Here's a pic of him: