Lisa Vanderpump chose to sit out the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' reunion, which means that she 'forfeited' a significant amount of her paycheck.

“Lisa only gets half of her pay for the season if she doesn’t go to the reunion, but she still chose not to go,” one insider told US Weekly. “The women get half of their pay before shooting starts and the other half after the reunion. So Lisa lost money.”

A second source added that “Housewives don’t get fully paid for the season until it’s over and the reunion has been filmed.”

LVP reportedly makes $500,000 per season which means that skipping the reunion could have cost the star $250,000!!!

But LVP's net worth is reported to be around the $75 million mark, so we're guessing that she isn't too hurt by the pay slash. Plus, she still pulls in $500,000 per season for her show, 'Vanderpump Rules.'