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Skinnyfromthe9 took to social media to address a recent attack from a reported fan in a local restaurant.

"I wasn't gonna comment on the situation cause I'm all about positivity. But the dude that hit me is a straight b*tch. He came up to me while I was eating at a restaurant by myself with a girl and was like, 'Yo, I know you eatin' right now, but can I take a picture?'" he said.

"I got up, put my arm around him like we was gonna take a picture —like we was posin'— and the dude snuck me. And then we started wrestlin', and that's what happened. My face is fine. I still f*ck b*tches. I still got all my jewelry - the dumbass didn't even get my jewelry. He tried."

He then continued:

"Dumbass n*gga. He ran outside like a b*tch. He would not fight me one-on-one. I would beat your ass, Adam, you a whole rat. Shut the f*ck up. Skinny Gang. Where I'm from, when you wanna fight somebody, you go up to them and n*ggas square up. N*ggas throw they sh*t up and fight it out. Not no b*tch sh*t, where you go and sneak n*ggas. That's corny."

Here is the footage of the beating:

The attack comes just weeks after he was robbed of over $80k worth of cash and jewelry.