Disney star Skai Jackson is currently in a love triangle, with a rapper and his baby mama. And now the baby mama is attacking Skai publicly - calling her a "Disney Thot."

It all started earlier in the year, when the 17 year old Skai and rapper Lil Keed became friends. Their friendship quickly started to morph into a romance - but it's not clear just how far the two took their relationship.

According to reports, Skai had been texting Lil Keed and he apparently failed to delete the text messages. So the messages were read by his baby's mother and she blasted the Disney star on social media.

It turns out that in the messages Skai was calling Keed "daddy" and she allegedly told the rapper that she wanted to take their relationship to a physical level. But Skai allegedly used very graphic language to explain to the rapper what she wanted their new relationship to look like.

Here's a pic of the rapper:

And here's the baby mama:

And here are the messages that Lil Keed's baby's mother sent to Skai, along with Skai's response - and the alleged text messages where Skai was calling Lil Keed "daddy."