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'Sister Wives' star Kody Brown is facing time in prison and it could all be down to his many years of filming on the reality television show.

For 13 seasons, viewers have watched Kody and his four "wives" Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn struggle to maintain a normal family life while evading the law.

The family has moved from Nevada to Arizona years after from Utah to avoid prosecution for polygamy. An investigation was first launched after the show first aired. Polygamy is currently illegal in all states.

Brown is currently only legally married to one of his wives, but the family structure alone is enough to get him some time behind bars.

Radar Online spoke to a legal expert who thinks that Arizona could be swooping in on Koday and his family any day now.

“Polygamy is unlawful in Arizona," legal expert Monica Lindstrom told Radar. “Arizona’s Constitution specifically addresses polygamy and states in Article 20, section 2, ‘Polygamous or plural marriages, or polygamous co-habitation, are forever prohibited within this state.’ Under Arizona’s Constitution, living with one wife and a spiritual wife, or two or three etc., could meet the definition of ‘polygamous co-habitation,’ which is prohibited.”

Well, he's had a good run.