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Sisqo Tells Drake Not To Sue 'Fake Drake'

A young man has been hitting the clubs trying to pass himself off as Drake.

Dru Hill singer says that Drake shouldn't sue him.

"To real Drake? Well, he's a Scorpio and Dru Hill is sampled on his new album," Sisqo told TMZ. "So, I wish you all the best and when you find out who it is, man, don't sue 'em." The cameraperson then recalled the time that Sisqo sued someone pretending to him at New York Fashion Week back in 2017. 

"Turns out, the guy was from Baltimore, I'm from Baltimore and it was just a young kid tryin' to get over on my good looks," he continued. [Imitation] is a form of flattery." 

Even though Fake Drake looks like the Toronto rapper, he has been refused entry to clubs. Fans have been posting their spotting of the fake version of the rapper and some say they'd even like to see him in a live performance.