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Sisqo GOT MARRIED . . . Performed The THONG SONG . . . At His Own Wedding!!


1990s R&B singer Sisqo became an international sensation when he released his biggest song, the Thong Song, back in 2000. And last Friday the singer performed that song - at his own wedding.

Sisqo was married to his longtime GF Elizabeth Pham on Friday, in a small ceremony near the couple's home in Minnesota. And during the wedding reception, Sisqo took to the stage and performed his hit song - The Thong song.

And in case you're wondering, yes - his daughter from the video was there (obviously she's grown now).


Elizabeth and Sisqó were together for almost two decades - before getting married. In a recent interview Elizabeth spoke about her relationship with Sisqo, "After 10 years together, Sisqo and I are still best friends," Pham admitted in a 2013 ABC blog post. "Our relationship is based on love and trust and when he's not working we spend every minute together. Although Sisqo and I are more in love now than the day we met, we're in no rush to tie the knot."

The couple have two children – a girl and a boy — and live a quiet life in Maple Grove, MN. Sisqó also has an adult daughter, Shaione Andrews, whom he fathered in high school and whom he cast in the infamous video for "Thong Song." 

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