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Dwyane Wade has been all over the media in recent days, talking about his transgender daughter Zaya, who used to go by the name Zion.

According to Dwyane Wade and Zion/Zaya's step-mother Gabrielle Union, 12 year old Zion/Zaya is their daughter, and is a female.

Zion/Zaya's mother has not given any statement as to her feelings on her son/daughter's recently publicized gender transition.

But MTO News has learned that Zion/Zaya's mother spoke out in a new podcast released yesterday. And during her podcast, she appeared to refer to Zion/Zaya as her "second son."

It's not clear when the podcast was recorded, but it was uploaded to Stitcher yesterday. In it, Dr Siovaughn Funchess-Wade discusses her walk in Christianity. Dr Siouvaughn has a Phd in Christian studies, and records podcasts aimed to motivate people, through Christianity.

The podcast episode is entitled, "God Is Good All By Himself." Dr Siouvaughn reveals the importance of reading the Bible, and having a strong and open relationship with Jesus Christ.

At one point during the episode, MTO News learned that Dr Siovaughn discussed pregnancy. Siovaughn explained to her listeners:

If you're a mom who's given birth ... or you've been in a room with someone giving birth, that's a place that not a lot of people get to come in. For good reason.

So it could be a lonely place, and [it] could be an ugly place, a bloody place, a very painful place.

I don't want to scare anybody pregnant. You can always pray 'God have mercy on me, give me your anointing of ease in Jesus name.'

So don't freak

She then gave listeners some of her personal experience. She told them, "My second son, it was like a breeze. I might as well have been watching Netflix at the time.

According to Wikipedia, Siovaughn Wade has only two children - Zaire Wade (16) and Zion/Zaya Wade (12).

Here is the podcast. She begins the above mentioned discussion around the 12:00 mark.