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Twitter is upset that R&B singer Tank's wife Zena Foster is on the cover of Black Bride magazine - because she's "white." 

Zena and Tank are trending this morning. And many people are angry that the magazine chose a "white" woman to be on the cover of a magazine devoted to Black brides.

Tank and Zena were married earlier this year, in a lovely ceremony in Southern California.  Their wedding is featured in the new issue of Black Bride magazine.

But Twitter is upset, because they believe that Tank's wife Zena is "white."

Here is the magazine cover:

Zena is of course NOT white, she's the product of an interracial relationship. Zena's mom is White, but her dad is a Black man.

Here's a pic of Zena's dad:

Zena has spoken out openly about the discrimination she's felt from the Black community for being biracial. In a 2007 interview Tank's new wife said that she often feels, "maligned" by some in the Black community that think she's not "black enough."

Back in July the “Maybe I Deserve” singer, born Durrell Babbs, 42, and his longtime love Zena Foster, 40, said “I do” on Sunday, July 22, in front of 200 friends and family at the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles.

“I’m excited to see her walk down the aisle, her dress and her whole heavenly aura just captivate the place,” the singer told PEOPLE just ahead of the big day.

The bride wore a lace J’Aton Couture gown from Lovella Bridal for the ceremony before slipping into a dress by Zahavit Tshuba for the reception. The groom and his groomsmen stepped out in tuxedos by Grayscale with Tank in a custom bowtie by DLeak.

The pair, who first met 18 years ago, previously dated, welcomed their first child together, and then broke up.

“When we were together before I felt like she was the one,” he says opening up about their journey. “I had given her a promise ring and then life happened. People make mistakes. At the time you’re like, ‘Okay, maybe I was wrong.'” Despite the issues that lead to their split (“There’s two parts to it, I own my piece and she owns hers,” says the star) the couple stayed in contact while coparenting their daughter, eventually finding their way back to one another nearly four years ago.