R&B singer Kevin McCall went on Instagram Live last night, and live-streamed his first date with a woman, whom he met just hours earlier.

From the video it appears that Kevin just met this woman. She asked him out on a dinner date, and took the singer to Houston’s - where she agreed to pay fo sth meal.

But the date was a total disaster.

Kevin goes in on her, almost from the start. First the singer - who is known to have mental heath issued - tells the woman that she can’t "disrespect him" just because she bought him dinner. 

Kevin appeared to feel "disrespected", just because she paid for dinner.

Then the singer gets cruel. He tells the woman, “If you thought she was paying for d*ck, you ain’t getting it.”

The singer goes on insulting the woman for nearly 10 minutes, while he eats the food that she paid for. 

At one point, he says he's willing to throw the whole meal on the floor and wouldn’t care.