Singer Chico DeBarge was reportedly arrested in November for drug possession.

Chico was a member of the 1980s family pop group DeBarge, and also enjoyed a solo career.

According to reports, Chico, 53, was busted in a Walmart parking lot in Burbank, Calif. Cops spotted him trying to break into his own SUV using a wire hanger. They assumed that he was attempting to break into the vehicle, searched him, and found in his pockets methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

DeBarge was booked and released; formal charges are pending, according to breaking news outlet TMZ.

There is a long-running history of drug troubles in the DeBarge family.

Chico's brother Bobby DeBarge was sentenced to five years in jail for drug trafficking back in 1988.

El DeBarge was also arrested for cocaine possession, and he was arrested for possession of crack and sentenced to two years in state prison back in 2008.