According to a top Hollywood insider, the real reason why that popular singer broke up with her wealthy mogul boyfriend, is that she caught him in bed with a man.

MTO News just got wind of an explosive rumor - the details of which are so scandalous, that we've got to keep it as a blind item.

The rumor surrounds the recent split of a popular singer and her wealthy celebrity mogul boyfriend. The split made the news recently. Now we're getting details from an insider who knows them both.

Th insider explained, "[Singer] always suspected that he was bisexual, but she never had any proof." 

But our insider claims that the singer walked in on her man - on his knees servicing another man.

The insider "She walked in and [rich boyfriend] was giving a man head. It was the kind of picture she's never going to get out of her head."

According to the insider, singer packed her bags and left him. The tipster told MTO News, "He's trying to get her back. But after seeing what she saw, she's gone for good."