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Simon Guobadia Writes Love Letter To 'RHOA's Porsha Williams

Simon Guobadia wrote a long love letter to his fiance Porsha Williams on Instagram.

"The moon and the sun must have been in alignment when we met and decided fairly quickly, I might add that we wanted to be together. I call that moving with "intention and purpose". One Follower commented recently on one of my post and crystallized this point by saying and I quote, "Love really is a beautiful thing. I'd rather have it and be hated for it, than be lonely and miserable with people who can't find it," he wrote.

Simon and Porsha met while he was married and living with his estranged wife, Falynn Guobadia and Porsha was with Dennis McKinley.


He continued, "I found love in you and I claimed it INSTANTLY. My love for you Porsha has not diminished one bit, in fact, it has grown exponentially."

Many think Porsha broke girl code when she started dating Simon, but did she get engaged too fast?