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WHEN SIDE CHICKS ATTACK!!! Deonte Thompson Of The Chicago Bears Was Put On Blast By Side Chick . . . On His WEDDING DAY!!

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NFL baller Deonte Thompson was married in a beautiful ceremony on Friday. His lovely wife Jay was truly breathtaking in her gown. And from what we hear, the wedding was a SPECTACULAR and joyous occasion. Here are some pics from their wedding:

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Well Deonte's side chick Dria was not going to allow the Thompson's to enjoy their day. She went on social media and leaked audio and text messages from Deonte - from just a few days ago (allegedly). She also leaked pics showing Deonte coming to her house last week (allegedly).

Listen to the audio:

Here are the pics and text messages:

We should point out that Deonte was NOT MARRIED at the time. And that he's now committed himself BEFORE GOD to his wife Jay.