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FACEBOOK DRAMA!! Cheating Man EXPOSED On Wedding Day!!! (Texts & Pics)


A DRAMA unfolded today on social media - when a popular social media star FOUND OUT that she was a side chick . . . and the man she thought was her boyfriend GOT MARRIED THIS WEEKEND.

The whole thing blew up when popular social media personality A Tribe Called Breast (ATCB) learned that the man she has been dating for months - got married this past weekend. She was so distraught and angry - that she decided to EXPOSE the whole drama to her thousands of fans.

ATCB is a beautiful woman - with tons of fans - here are some pics of her:

The whole incident started

She then posted pics of her "boyfreinds" new Facebook page - where his profile pic is his WEDDING PICS.

She continued:


Here is the UNBLURRED image of the alleged cheater's social media pics

Oh, and she's not done with the exposing. She leaked text messages that the man actually sent her on his wedding day. Just moments after he said his vows.