Last year, there were rumors that rapper/reality star TI was cheating on his wife Tiny - with actress Asiah Epperson, from the hit show Greenleaf. Word on the street was that Asiah was TI's side chick.

If you recall, the rumors popped off when a video leaked and spread around the internets of T.I. backstage looking like he was grabbing Asia’h’s rear end, and playfully spanking Asiah's butt - backstage at his concert. sparking rumors, fights and craziness. 

Eventually those rumors died down, and TI got back together with Tiny. 

In the months since then, however, the Harris’ marriage seems to be on the up-and-up. As recently as August, the pair documented a late-night family swim session with their children. That came after Harris had supported Tip with his BET series “The Grand Hustle” and around the time he backed up her juice bar opening.

Well over the weekend, Asiah decided to get the rumors going again. The actress started re-tweeting messages that her fans left about her and Tiny. And the messages appeared to be blaming TINY for her husband straying.

One of the commenters referred to Tiny as a "doormat". 

Another commenter suggested that it was Tiny's fault that TI cheated - saying "tell Tiny to control her man" and adding that Asiah "didn't force herself on that man."

Here are the messages that she re-tweeted:

IMG_1931 2
IMG_1932 2

In case you're wondering - this is Asiah:


Asia'h also indicated T.I.’s marriage with Tiny was already damaged. Epperson then said she’s into building a home of her own.

“A homewrecker I never would be. Not my style! I’m into building baby!!! However, on another note… just so [you] know, u can’t wreck a wrecked home! Hey!!! IJS.”