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SICKO!! Man Is ARRESTED . . . For Splashing A Woman . . . With A STYROFOAM CUP . . . Filled With KNUT!!! (Yuck . . . What Would YOU DO . . . If A Man Did That??)

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A DISTURBED Florida man was arrested earlier this week. Police say that the sicko said “Here you go” and poured a cup of semen all over a woman at a Panera Bread.

The victim and her friend said Patrick Bruce had been staring at them while they were doing homework at the Tallahassee eatery, according to an affidavit obtained Wednesday by the Tallahassee Democrat.

Patrick was staring creepily at the two girls, when all of a sudden he got up and left the store. He returned shortly with a styrofoam cup, which police believe he masturbated into.

When he came back, he walked up to the victim, and splashed the knut onto the woman’s neck, shoulder and arm, telling her, “Here you go.”