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Shyne Speaks: I Saved Diddy's Life & He SNITCHED In Court!!

Rap legend Shyne is finally telling what happened between him and Diddy - the night he allegedly shot multiple people inside a NYC nightclub. And MTO News has learned that Shyne is claiming to have saved Diddy's life, only for Diddy to return the favor by "snitching" on him in court.

Shyne spoke with Fat Joe on his new podcast, and MTO News can confirm that he dropped some bombshells.

According to Shyne he started shooting to protect Diddy and then girlfriend Jennifer Lopez. He claimed that he "saved their lives."

Diddy and Shyne were both arrested for the shooting and put on trial. And Diddy's dream team of lawyers - which included Johnnie Cochran - reportedly threw Shyne under the bus. 


On the verge of releasing his debut album, Shine was involved in a nightclub shooting incident on December 27, 1999, and in June 2001 he was convicted of assault and sentenced to 10 years in prison. His 2000 debut album was still a success and he continued to record music while incarcerated.

While serving his prison sentence, Shyne became interested in Judaism, and later became observant, practicing Orthodox Judaism, officially changing his name to Moses Michael Levi Barrow in 2006. After being released from prison in 2009, he was deported to Belize. He has since been appointed the country's Ambassador of Music charged with the sustainable development of the music industry in Belize and has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop it.