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Shyheim Visits Drink Champs Following Joe Budden Drama

Wu-Yang affiliate Shyheim made it to Drink Champs after beefing with the hosts for mentioning his name during a story about the time Joe Budden got punched in the face.

"Our show has always been about giving flowers. It's always been about giving flowers. Are we going to make some mistakes along the way? Of course we will," said N.O.R.E. "Are we gonna make some mistakes after? Of course we will. But our hearts and our goal is in the right mind and in the right frame, with great intentions. And we wanted you to know that face to face, man to man, eye to eye. Salut!"

Shyheim took offense to the story being told by the hosts and Mickey Factz and they asked to apologize face to face. He confirmed to HHDX that Mickey Factz had been doing the right thing.

Mickey Factz seems like a good kid," Shyheim told HipHopDX. "I don't know him outside of this Drink Champs situation, but he's doing the right thing and requested to correct his errors. He's doing everything to right his wrongs. Always remember to have empathy. No one is exempt from making mistakes. I wanna be forgiven so I forgive."

Joe Budden hinted that Shyheim had extorted the rapper.