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Shy Glizzy Slams Lil Uzi Vert For Charging Him For A Feature

Rapper Shy Glizzy took to Instagram Stories to call out Lil Uzi Vert for charging him for a feature on a song that has already been released.

"I don't even do no internet sh*t...But since you seem not to see my msg. N*gga f*ck you @liluzivert," Glizzy wrote in the first of several posts.

"Got Roc Nation reaching out talkn bout a check after the song already out and I spoke to your lil ass directly. That's some sucka ass sh*t. Then you can't even hit me back and tell me yourself. N*ggaz be weird as sh*t. I ain't never paid for a verse in my life boy."

He continued, "For years n*ggas been blackballing me and I don't say sh*t. 95% of the rap n*ggaz I f*cked with switched up. F*ck n*ggaz think they cooler than me or sumn? You n*ggaz is some f*cking lames with a name. Plz don't play with me. And it's up with whoever."

Uzi is yet to respond.