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SHOCKING: New Report Says That It Was MIKE FLYNN That's Charged . . . We Got ALL The Details And THIS IS JUICY . . We Can't Wait Until TRUMP GETS INDICTED!!!

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Last night, CNN broke the news that Robert Mueller has OFFICIALLY charged someone in connection with his Russia investigation.

News agencies are speculating WHO it may be that's charged. And one usually RELIABLE source is saying that it's MIKE FLYNN - Trump's former National Security Advisor.

Here's the report, from the Palmer Report:

Months ago it was revealed that Trump campaign adviser Michael Flynn attended a meeting with Turkish government officials where they discussed the possibility of the illegal kidnapping and rendition of a guy in Pennsylvania, who would then have been shipped off to Turkey for prosecution. This only became public because Flynn took former CIA Director James Woolsey with him, who by that time was also a Trump campaign adviser. Woolsey was horrified at what he heard, and he tipped off the FBI. He then disappeared from the headlines entirely – until Friday evening.

Just a few hours before the criminal charges were revealed, James Woolsey confirmed to the media that he’s been cooperating with Robert Mueller in regard to the Flynn-Turkey kidnapping meeting. At the time it was anything but clear as to why Woolsey would have chosen to make this reveal. But by the end of the evening, it made a whole lot more sense.

It appears that James Woolsey gave Robert Mueller enough information to facilitate criminal charges against Michael Flynn. It also appears that Woolsey decided to announce this on Friday evening because he had learned that Mueller was about to charge Flynn. It’s still possible that Mueller’s initial charges will turn out to have been against someone other than Flynn. But as we wait for confirmation of the name, what is clear is this: James Woolsey is Mueller’s most crucial cooperating witness to date, and his testimony has blown the scandal wide open.