The new season of TI and Tiny's Family Hustle is airing soon - and it's going to be filled with DRAMA. And a member of the production team claims that after watching this season, viewers will be left wondering - is TI LeToya Luckett's babys father.

MTO News spoke with a member of the production team, and they tell us that the new season of Family Hustle will be the BEST SEASON EVER - and the most dramatic. And one area of drama is the relationship between TI and R&B singer LeToya Luckett.

The insider explained, "TI and LeToya Luckett have a history - they used to date . . . Actually LeToya was his side chick, because he was with Tiny at the time."

But there's even more drama - this time created by the production team.

The insider added, "At one point [during the season], the ladies [Monica, Toya and Tiny] question LeToya's current relationship with T.I."

After watching that scene, MTO News is told, viewers will be questioning whether TI is actually the father of LeToya's baby. The show - which is edited to INCREASE the dramatic effect - creates that impression in viewers.

The production insider explained, "The show was edited so that you're left with the impression that TI could be LeToya's babys father."

This is crazy, because LeToya is happily married to Dallas-based entrepreneur Tommicus Walker. The couple seem very much in love - and it's CLEAR that he's LeToya's actual babys father.

"Reality TV is all about drama. You sign up for this type of scandal when you go on tv," the insider told MTO News.