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Cardi and Offset are still trying to work through their marriage - but some Migos fans are suggesting that Offset should give up on Cardi, and get back with his other baby's mother Oriel.

Offset and Oriel have a 4-year-old son together. And the two were living together when Offset started seeing Cardi.

Oriel was initially bitter about Cardi and Offset's relationship because she felt WRONGED by the way the two met. But eventually, she accepted Offset's new wife, and even fostered a relationship between Cardi and her son.

By all accounts, Oriel is a beautiful, loving woman who is prepared to HOLD OFFEST DOWN. So many of the Migos stars fans are asking, why doesn't he just get back with Oriel and not Cardi?

Here are pics of Oriel, and her son with Offset:

As MTO News reported, Offset and Cardi are getting back together. But Cardio is not playing around this time. Offset agreed that if Cardi takes him back, and he cheats, he promises to pay her $10 million for each woman he cheats with.