SHOTS FIRED!! Rapper KID CUDI Calls Jhene Aiko A 'BUM B**CH' . . . For Cheating On Her HUSBAND . . . With BIG SEAN!!!

Kim_jaga broke the news two weeks ago that Jhene Aiko filed to divorce her husband, producer Dot Da Genius. Dot Da Genius produces music for Kid Cudi - and the two men are BEST FRIENDS.

Well yesterday a fan re-tweeted one of Kid Cudi's old posts, where he warned Jhene Aiko not to "hurt" his friend. Kid Cudi responded to the retweet by saying that Jhene is a "bum b***CH". he also says that he and Dot make BETTER MUSIC than Jhene and Big Sean.

Jhene may be a BUM B**CH. But ain't no way in the WORLD that Cudi's music is better than Big Sean's.