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DISGUSTING CRIME: 13-Year-Old Girl Is Charged . . . With GUNNING DOWN A 70-Year-Old Couple . . . All For A HAIR WEAVE!!!


A 13-year-old from St Louis Missouri surrendered this morning, after police say that the girl shot an elderly couple in their seventies at a beauty supply store. The couple, who owned the store, allegedly caught the girl trying to steal a weave.

Here's what police say happened. The 13-year-old African-American girl walked into the King's Beauty Supply on Tuesday with a 14-year-old girlfriend. The owners of the store, an elderly Korean couple, allegedly caught the girls stealing. Instead of calling police, the couple allowed the girls to leave the store, and told them never to come back.

Later that afternoon, police say the 13-year-old went back to King’s Beauty, this time with a gun. She allegedly opened gunned down the couple - leaving them both in critical condition.