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Shortly After R&B Singer KEHLANI Takes Her MONTHLY SHOWER . . . She Actually Looks KIND OF CUTE!!!

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R&B singer Kehlani has a reputation for bathing VERY irregularly. Here’s what she normally looks like – an OILY and smelly mess:

For years, rumors have been floating around about Kehlani's weird showering routine - claiming that she only washes once a month. So much so that just 4 months ago, she attempted to set the record straight, commenting on Twitter:

"Lol thanks guys!! I've def never spoken about showering in an interview tho, I forsure believe in showering daily rumors happen, & no one is EVERYONES cup of tea! I also said no to taking a photo once and watched a girl get on Twitter and say "she really does stink!" keeeep spreadin love y'all"

Kehlani just cannot seem to catch a break. Her suicide attempt following her love triangle with Chris Irving and PARTYNEXTDOOR earned her nothing but backlash and harsh comments from fans. So much so that she was forced at one point to delete her social media accounts.

Speaking to the LA Times, she said:

"When you Googled my name that's all you saw for months. I was terrified to go outside. I was having panic attacks in restaurants because I thought the waiters were looking at me about it... The PTSD that I was dealing with — that I just got over, thank God — was insane."

The "Honey" singer seems to be in a much better place. And even if she is showering daily, the shower she had before these snaps were taken must have been exceptional!

Have a look at below.

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But when the diva decided to WASH HERSELF - she actually looks VERY pretty:

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