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A shocking audio of NFL star Tyreek Hill discussing his son's broken arm with his fiancée Crystal Espinal has been released, and in the audio, Hill can be heard telling Espinal "You need to be terrified of me, too."

In the recording, Espinal tells the NFL player their 3-year-old son “is terrified" before he tells her that she should be too.

The audio was first obtained by KCTV5.

Hill claimed that his son respects him: “Everywhere we go, my son loves on me,” he said. “And when we get home it’s for real. It’s serious time. It’s time to locked in because he know I don’t play.”

But Espinal was adamant that her son is terrified and being abused by his father:

"He kept saying 'Daddy punches me,' which you do when he starts crying. What do you do? You make him open up his arms, and you punch him in the chest. Then if he gets in trouble, you get the belt out,'" she said on tape.

The audio comes just a day after Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe announced that charges would not be filed after police were called to Hill's home twice last month and investigators determined the 3-year-old child had been injured. Howe said that even though he believes a crime occurred, he did not have enough evidence to ascertain exactly who committed the crime.

"We were getting into it, and he said, 'Daddy, you're mean.' So we walked up the stairs. You said, 'Come back down here,' and he didn't want to go down there. But I was like, 'Go down there because it will end up worse for you.' So he walked down there and then you were getting on his [deleted] ... Then he started crying, and you were like, 'Shut up, shut up, stop crying. Shut up, shut up, stop crying,'" Espinal says on the tape.

 "Right,'' Hill replied.

Espinal continues: "Then he kept crying because he was scared. He was terrified, and you grabbed on to him or he fell, one of the two.''

Hill says, "I didn't do nothing. That's sad, bro. That's really sad.''

Listen to the audio below.