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SHOCKER: Woman Claims R Kelly Forced Her . . . To EAT HIS FECES!!!

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MTO News learned that R Kelly is coming under fire for ANOTHER serious allegation. A popular blog Unwine With Tasha K claims to have spoke with a woman, who says that R Kelly "forced" her to eat his feces.

A different woman filed a civil suit against R Kelly, claiming that he gave her an STD. Well according to the blogger Tasha K, the STD she caught was reportedly herpes. Tasha explained:

The STD was herpes. Not only did he give her herpes, but she's a 19 year old and she's gorgeous. She also had a promising future, and comes from a pastoral home - her father is a pastor.

[The girl] was starstruck when she saw R Kelly at a Dallas concert. Now her future was compromised, and her health was compromised because of this std.

And Tasha spilled more alleged tea, dropping a bombshell.

Tasha claims that a second alleged victim spoke with her and told her that R Kelly forced her to "eat his feces." Tashe explained, "They do it in Dubai, and now R Kelly did it too."

Last night, R. Kelly performed in Greensboro, North Carolina. Protestors came but fans also showed up too. The local report says:

A defiant R. Kelly took the stage Friday night in North Carolina, in spite of efforts to silence him over his treatment of women, and had barely begun performing when the bone-rattling background beat stopped playing. "I've been through a lot of (expletive)" this week, he said. He thanked his fans, "for y'all to fight for me all these years." He said someone had asked him to tone down his act.

And then he launched into his sexually suggestive repertoire. At one point, he rubbed a fan's cell phone between his legs. He persuaded another to wipe his face and crotch with a towel.