SHOCKER: Popular Reality Star Decides To BECOME A PROSTITUTE . . . These Thots Are Taking The Game . . . To The NEXT LEVEL!!!


A popular reality star is coming out openly about becoming a Prostitute. The 24 year old goes by the name Maca Diskrecija, which translates in Serbian to "a vagina with discretion."

Maca gained international fame when she appeared on the Serbian reality show Couples. While on the show she made headlines for exposing her breasts to housemates and allowing a man to lick them. Maca also had sex with a man on camera, while other contestants were in the room.

Here's what is being said at the UK's Sun:

“The members of my family, including my mother Enesa, are supporting me in my decision to work as a prostitute. I have to sell my body in order to survive, and to help them with money. I don’t see anything wrong in doing it.”

Prostitution is illegal in Serbia, but Maca says she has an influential politician boyfriend who protects her.

“I am not afraid of jail,” she continued. “Those who want to lock me in prison are the ones who help me pay the bills and earn money that I need to live.

“I have a boyfriend who is a politician and he will not allow my arrest.

“He protects me and will not allow me to be sentenced in any way.”

Maca insists she is picky with who she allows near her, claiming only handsome and non-famous men can pay for her services.

She said: “I am used mainly by businessmen. When their wives are not at home, I come to their parties, have sex with them in the flat, and sometimes they come to my place.