SHOCKER: A Disgruntled Producer Tries To 'EXPOSE' Love And Hip Hop . . . Reveals All The SECRETS BEHIND PRODUCTION!! (Do You Believe This??)


Here is an anonymous email that we received. It's purportedly from a disgruntled producer - who wanted to put LOVE AND HIP HOP on Blast:

To answers the question on everybody’s mind, the show is a mixture of fake and real. The way filming works is each cast member gets an email, usually the night before, instructing that they will be filming, what the hair/makeup time is as well as transportation and filming times. Cameras don’t constantly follow them around capturing their actual real lives.

Usually, who they are filming with will be left out. It mostly revolves around a real life event (not always) and the cast members are driven to the scene of filming (if not located at their home) unaware of the craziness that is about to unfold. They usually supply them with alcohol in the production vans that transport them so when they arrive (sometimes they circle the block at the filming location until they’re fully drunk) a fight is sure to ensue shortly thereafter.

They have storywriters to create the storyline for each cast member. Often, scenes are staged. They filmed the scene about Hazel breaking her nose in Dubai months after the event occurred and makeup artists added the bandages as her nose had already healed. All those events you see on the show are fake too; the fashion show from Hollywood last season was staged and those in attendance were extras hired by the network. Relationships and other events are fake and created to give struggling cast members storyline. Nikki/Lil Fiz’s relationship was fake as is Mimi/Chris’ and Nikki/Rosa Acosta's. Cast members are often fed lines and forced to reshoot scenes until production determines they have the perfect footage.

This show is all about ratings, not cast member wellbeing. Cast members (or their families) cannot sue regarding injury or death as they sign a provision in their participation agreement releasing the show's producers from any liability. Pay is also a joke. Lower-end cast members make $500-$1500 an episode, those with more popularity make $2500-3500 an episode and the really popular ones (there’s a few) make $5000 and up. They film for approximately 8 months out of the year and do not receive payment until their episode airs (they only get paid if they are in the episode). That’s right; they work for free up until the time episodes air with no guarantee how many episodes you will be in or if they will even use you. Almost every cast member is broke and struggling.

So there you have it. Life in Hollywood isn’t always as it seems.