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SHOCKER: Central Michigan Student MURDERED Parents . . . Because They REFUSED To Pay Tuition!!!


19-year-old James Eric Davis Jr. is suspected of killing his parents, James Davis Sr. and Diva Davis inside his dorm room at Central Michigan University.
After news broke of this HORRIFIC murder – people are asking – why would a COLLEGE KID kill his parents.

New reports coming out of the school suggest that it could have been over his parents PAYING HIS TUITION.

A social media post from a person claiming to be Eric Jr’s friend claims that Eric and his parents were arguing over money.

The poster said, “Eric’s parents wanted to stop paying his tuition so that they could save for retirement. Eric was upset that they asked him to take out a student loan.”

Another friend, Deantre DeYoung told the Chicago Tribune:

“He was a good kid, always… You would never expect something like this to come from James.”

Eric’s parents were working class – and needed to start worrying about retirement. Eric Davis Sr., a National Guard veteran who toured in Iraq, worked as a police officer in Bellwood, Illinois. His mother was a real estate broker.

“My sincerest condolences go out to the family of Bellwood Police Officer James Davis Sr. and his wife who were shot and killed this morning. May they RIP,” Bellwood, Rep. Emanuel “Chris” Welch tweeted.

For him to have gunned his parents down over tuition shows that there must have been some mental health issues there that e managed to keep under the radar. We’re sure the rest of his family are in shock over this brutal murder.