SHOCKER: Blac Chyna's Mom SIGNS ON . . . She's Going To Star In New 'X-RATED' Movie!!! (Once A THOT . . . Always A THOT)


Blac Chyna's mom Miss Tokyo has a new job - acting in an adult TV show.

The show, which is called Acorn House, is adult n nature and rated R-18.

Here's how Tokyo describes is:

I am playing Vicky the business woman/Entertainment Manager!
It will be rated R18 Sex Orgies fights fun and out on everyone's grind. The Dr. Office * The Strip Club - The Studio and the Pool pit*

Toni has had financial problems in the past. Just last November she announced that she was broke with just $33 to her name (but was still giving to charity). Hopefully, this new gig is LUCRATIVE.