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SHOCKER: Beautiful INSTA-THOT Is Arrested For DOG ABUSE . . . Fellas Would You Still SMASH . . . After Seeing What She Did To The POOR DOG!! (Video Of Abuse + Bikini Pics)

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A popular Instagram model named Keevonna C'Ante Wilson, 24, was arrested this week and charged with attacking her tiny dog late last month in Miami.

The September 20 incident was recorded by a surveillance camera inside an elevator at the luxury Artech condominium, according to a police report. Investigators subsequently identified Wilson (seen at right) as the alleged abuser and arrested her last Tuesday.

The puppy--a Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix named Chasity--was removed from Wilson’s custody by Miami-Dade Animal Services, which provided medical care to the canine. While no visible injuries were detected on the animal, cops noted that, “the dog winced a few times when being held.”

Charged with felony animal cruelty, Wilson was released from custody after posting $5000 bond, according to court records.

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Here are some of her pics.

And some of the "modeling" pics . . .

Here is the first

Here is the second

Here is the third

Here is the fourth