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SHOCK VIDEO: Angry Father Claims That R&B Singer R. Kelly 'SEDUCED' . . . And Then 'KIDNAPPED' . . . His Teenage Daughter!!! (Pics Of The YOUNG THING . . . 49-Year-Old KELLZ Is Shacked Up With)


An angry father took to YouTube in a last ditch attempt to get his teenage daughter back - from R&B singer R. Kelly. The man claims that R. Kelly "seduced" and "kidnapped" the young girl.

Despite the father's claims, it doesn't seem like 49-year-old R. Kelly did anything against the law. The young lady is LEGAL . . . and she appears to be with him on her own free will.

The man, who appears in the video holding a BASEBALL BAT and is threatening R. Kelly, says that his daughter is named Kim Savage.