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SHOCK CRIME: Elderly Man Managed To 'FIGHT OFF' Crazed Woman . . . Who Tried To SNATCH HIS GRANDDAUGHTER!!! (Wow . . . SCARY Story)

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A quick thinking grandfather managed to fight off a CRAZED KIDNAPPER - and save his granddaughter from potential harm.

28-year-old Lindsay Frasher has been charged with kidnapping after she allegedly tried to take a young girl from her grandfather at Ashford Park in Auburn, California, on Saturday.

According to police, Lindsay approached the child near a duck pond and tried to pull her away and kidnap her.

Lindsay may have been having a psychotic delusion because she was calling the young girl by a different name.

But luckily, the girl's grandfather - who is in his LATE 70s - came to the rescue. The elderly man used adrenaline and strength from ABOVE and managed to prevent the woman from taking the child.

Police were called, and Lindsay was taken into custody.