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SHOCK VIDEO: Woman Explains How Her Boyfriend Gave Her THREE STDS . . . Is It Her FAULT . . . Cause She Sounds Like a SIDE CHICK!!!

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A woman made a Youtube video explaining about the time when her "boyfriend" gave her three STDs. At first, we had a SISTER-GIRL moment with her . . . and were ready to GO IN on that man.

Then things started NOT MAKING sense.

1. She sounds like a SIDE CHICK. What girl only talks to her man when he's "in town."

2. Next, her story sounds real SHAKY. What kind of doctor doesn't do vaginal swabs when she is irritated for weeks? Plus she doesn't need to go to an emergency room for the shit she claimed she had you only need antibiotics for that.

3. Also, why would she call him about a yeast infection when he was wearing a condom. So she lied about not knowing he was hitting it raw.

Watch the video and decide for yourself.