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SHOCK VIDEO: Two Sisters Commit SUICIDE TOGETHER . . . As They Both . . . JUMP OUT OF A SKYSCRAPER WINDOW . . . TOGETHER!!! (Very Sad)


Elviana Parubak (34) and her sister Eva Septiany Parubak (28) tragically committed suicide within minutes of each other by jumping off their 5th-floor apartment in Bandung, Indonesia. Police and witnesses said they both died on impact.

Elviana, the older sister, was the first one to jump (NOT captured on camera) followed by Eva, the younger sister, 5 minutes later. Eva's jump was captured on camera at the 1-minute mark.

Local news and media reported that both sisters suffered from severe depression after the death of their mother in 2006. Sad tragedy.

For those of you who are watching this and contemplating suicide: please DON'T. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. There is always calm after the storm. HAVE HOPE and SEEK HELP! PLEASE.

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