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ANOTHER MAGA MURDER . . . Trump Supporting Teen . . . Commits SUICIDE ON LIVESTREAM . . . And His Mom Walks In ON HIM!! (Video)


An 18 year old teen committed suicide on Livestream – and his mom walked in on him.

Below is the actual livestream of the teenager’s mom reacting to walking into her son’s room after finding a note he left outside his door, and finding him dead, as a result of a self indicted gun shot wound.


To hear his mother crying with her Canadian accent is unbearably heart breaking. Her baby was only 18.

Even more frustrating was having to repeat over and over to the operator on the phone that her son killed himself, and the operator is like: “Maybe, we can help him” “Where is the assailant now?” While the mom is like “No, there is no assailant”, “My son is dead”, “He killed himself. There’s no blood, his brain is gone.”

Suicide is never the answer. May the teen rest in peace. Below is his alleged last post on the racist website 4chan – explaining WHY he took his own life. The boy was an AVID Donald Trump supporter.