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SHOCK VIDEO: Leaked Video Of 'PRISON BEAUTY CONTEST' . . . 'Straight' Inmates . . . Cheer On And WHISTLE At Contestants!!!

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A SHOCKING new video was just leaked – which shows what it’s like to be LOCKED AWAY in prison – without access to women for YEARS.
The video shows men watching a prison beauty contest – where gay male inmates dress up in women’s attire – while the “straight” inmates cheer them on.

Whoever made the recording was not a fan of the contest and can be heard deriding the participants in the background.

Last year Penitenciaria Feminina da Capital in Sao Paolo which is South America's largest all-female maximum security prison west viral after a documentary aired about the prison's beauty pageant, Miss Max. The contestants were all serving long sentences for crimes like drug trafficking, robbery, kidnapping, and murder and were judged using the standard pageant criteria: beauty, poise, and talent—plus their record of good behavior.

This was a shock to most, and this happened within an all-female prison. Could beauty pageants be coming to a male prison near you? Should it? The likelihood is that many of these prisoners are doing a very long bid and just want to have a bit of fun. Some of them may not ever be getting out, so why not?

Take a look at the video below. They've been without women for years. Do you feel their pain?