SHOCK VIDEO: Little MONSTER School Shooter Releases Video . . . Oh Him PRACTICING KILLING PEOPLE . . . On Youtube!!


On September 13, 2017, Caleb Sharpe was taken into custody after he committed a shooting at his school which left his best friend, Sam Strahan dead and injured three other female students.

Sharpe had brought a duffel bag on to his school bus which contained an assault-style semi-automatic rifle and a handgun alongside numerous boxes of .223 rifle ammunition.

After arriving at school Sharpe headed straight to the second-floor hallway. Just after 10:00 a.m. he dropped the duffel bag and removed the assault rifle. He started to load the gun; however, it jammed.

As Sharpe struggled to load the weapon, fellow classmate Sam Strahan approached him. Strahan told him,

“I always knew you were going to shoot up the school ... You know that is going to get you in trouble.”

Sharpe then pulled the pistol from under his coat and fired a single shot, striking Strahan in the stomach. Strahan collapsed forward, at which point Sharpe shot him again, this time in the face.

Sharpe continued to walk and shoot down the hallway and shot three more students at random.

After firing into a large crowd, Sharpe then threw the handgun down. At this point, he was then confronted by the high school janitor, Joe Bowen.

Sharpe raised his hands above his head in surrender as Bowen approached.

Prior to the shooting, Sharpe had written notes to some of his friends indicating he planned to do something stupid.

Sharpe had retrieved the weapons used in the shooting from his father's safe, which he knew the combination to access it.

Here are two videos of him practicing shooting people. The videos were removed from Youtube:

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