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SHOCK VIDEO: Rapper PULLS GUN In New Viral 'TRAP HOUSE S*TAPE' . . . And People Are Asking . . . Was The Girl . . . Being R*PED????

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There’s a viral new rapper s*xtape floating around the internet – but his one may be different.
The video appears to show a Caucasian woman having a THREESOME with two male rappers. But during the ACT – one of the rappers pulls a GUN and starts waving it around.

Immediately people online began speculating that the s*x may NOT have been consensual.

The young lady's face is never shown in the clip, and she never makes a sound, but the two males engaged in sexual acts with her can be seen hamming it up for the camera. There appears to be somebody standing by and recording the entire event.

Videos like these - being recorded and uploaded to social media really doesn't make sense. Even if the act is consensual, waving around an automatic machine gun is never a good idea. The Feds are always watching. As the video continues to go viral, we're sure the dunce duo will regret this, and we have absolutely no sympathy for them.

We hope that the woman in the video is safe and well and if this was indeed a rape, she reports it to the authorities and shows them this video.

As you can imagine, the #Metoo movement is already ALL OVER THIS . . .

Watch the video below.

Here is the link to the video - Warning GRAPHIC