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SHOCK VIDEO: Popular YouTube Star Coming UNDER FIRE . . . After She Says 'I Respect Men MORE . . . If They L*CK ME . . . During My PERIOD'!! (You GOTTA Hear This CRAZINESS)

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A popular YouTube star is trending online after she was caught on tape saying these words: “If a guy licks me up when I’m on my period, I would respect him more."

The woman, named NeNe, who stars on the popular YouTube show called BK Chat London, made the ASTONISHING claim during a discussion of love and sex. Afterwards her male co-hosts were so ANGRY with what she said, that they had to be HELD BACK.

BK Chat London brands itself as a brand new TV show on "Relationships, Society and the future of our generation. These are some of the things discussed but BKChat offers a twist."