SHOCK VIDEO: Police SHOOT DOWN Trans-Person . . . At Georgia Tech . . . Trans-Person May Have Been Carrying . . . A 'DEADLY' Nail File!!! (Watch Video - Were The Police JUSTIFIED??)


A 21-year-old Georgia Tech NON-BINARY student named Scout Schultz was shot and killed by police. The local police are claiming that the KILLING of Scout was "justified."

Luckily the entire incident was caught on video. In the vid, Scout is seen walking toward police - who issued several warnings to drop what they believed was a knife.

Scout was a computer engineering student at Georgia Tech where she/he was the president of the Georgia Tech Pride Alliance. Scout referred to herself/himself as NON-BINARY - neither male or female.

There are reports online that Scout was carrying a NAIL FILE, not a knife.

According to a press release from the bureau, the Georgia Tech campus police received a 911 call of a "person with a knife and a gun" at 11:17 pm Saturday night.

The release says Schultz was "not cooperative and would not comply with the officers' commands.

"Schultz continued to advance on the officers with a knife... Subsequently, one officer fired striking Schultz."

Watch the video and decide for yourself - LINK