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SHOCK VIDEO: Police GUN Down Man In WHEELCHAIR . . . And Appear . . . To PLANT A GUN ON Dead Body!!! (Video)


A renewed interest in a Delaware police shooting is causing people to wonder whether a man in a wheelchair was MURDERED by police - and then FRAMED.

28-year-old Jeremy McDole in Wilmington, Delaware - who was in a wheelchair - was shot and killed by police. The officers claimed "self defense" . . . but it's beginning to look more and more like a MURDER.

The shooting incident was caught on video here - the incident occurred in 2015.

Cellphone camera footage of McDole’s death shows an officer approaching him with his gun drawn yelling, “Show me your hands!” The camera moves down as a gunshot can be heard. Seconds later, more officers approach McDole with their own weapons drawn. McDole’s hands can be seen moving from his waist to his legs and he can be seen adjusting himself in the chair, which he used after being shot when he was 18 years old.

As McDole’s hands move toward the front of his jeans, the officers fire on him. Despite being described as having a gun, no firearm is visible near him. Investigators later said that they recovered a .38-caliber handgun by his side, an allegation that McDole’s family think is a lie.

Police settled a civil lawsuit with McDole's family and paid him $1.5M. They made the family sign a NON-DISCLOSURE agreement and re-instated all of the killer cops back ON DUTY.