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SHOCK VIDEO: Neighbor Feud Turns DEADLY . . . They Get Into A SHOOTOUT Right In Their Backyards . . . And We Got It ALL ON TAPE!!! (There Are TOO MANY GUNS In America)

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A fence dispute between two neighbors in Johnson County, Indiana, lead to a shootout - and an old man in critical condition.

The video shows 59-year-old Jeffery Weigle confront his neighbor Dean Keller with the greeting “Hey, asshole” before moving the fence between the properties. Later the elderly Jeffrey says “I see you got the slut out," apparently in reference to Dean's wife showing up. Jeffrey then hops onto a lawnmower and rides off.

While on the lawnmower, Jeffrey appears to pull out a handgun and flashes it at Dean, who responds by pulling out his own gun and opens fire. Jeffrey was hit him four times in the chest as both men discharged multiple shots.

According to local reports, Dean Keller is a firefighter. Jeffery Weigle doesn’t own the piece of land neighboring Keller’s but rather rents a room on the property. The gun he flashed in the altercation is his landlady’s, who said she did not give him permission to use it. It’s remarkable that Jeffrey survived the shooting.

The Johnson County Prosecutor’s Office said it would not press charges against 49-year-old Dean Keller, because the video allegedly shows him acting in self-defense.