SHOCK VIDEO: Nanny Is Charged With ATTEMPTED MURDER . . . After She's Caught On NANNY-CAM . . . Abusing A 9-Month-Old BABY!! (Disgusting)


A young mother says she feels betrayed after seeing video footage of her nanny throwing her 9-month-old daughter face down into her crib and roughly carrying her around by the arm and leg.

This occurred in the African country of Namibia - where a nanny cam caught the nanny appearing to violently throw a baby into a crib.

Footage taken from inside the child's bedroom shows the nanny walking into the shot while carrying the child - Laila - by her shoulder and neck.

Later, the nanny was caught throwing Laila into the crib - and Laila screaming out and crying.

The nanny was arrested and was charged with attempted murder last week‚ the mother said. She was expected to appear in court again in October.

The mother said she became suspicious after returning home from work one day to find her infant daughter with bruises.

We warn you, the video is VERY disturbing