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SHOCK VIDEO: Mother Allows '9 Year Old' Daughter To Smoke Weed . . . LIVESTREAMS IT!!!


A disturbing video is going viral, and it shows a little girl smoking what appears to be marijuana. And the girl's mother is apparently the one who supplies the drugs to the child.

According to online reports, the mom went on Live and shared a video of her hanging out with her friends and her children. Then the woman that is being described as the "mother" in the video, gave a girl believed to be 9 years old , a pull from a pipe. Inside the pipe is believed to be marijuana - or some other form of Cannibis.

The video was reportedly taken in Colorado, where recreational marijuana use if legal.

But in all 50 States, providing marijuana to a child - especially one as young as 9 is illegal. MTO News has reached out to the local police department where the video was supposedly taped, and asked for comment. So far we have not received anything back.