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SHOCK VIDEO: Mom HANGS Her Child With A BELT . . . To 'GET BACK' At Her Husband . . . The Baby Survived By The Grace Of God!!! ('Take Care Of Your Son . . . Or I'll KILL HIM')

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A mother from Bangkok, Thailand, is making International news - for livestreaming the abuse of her one-year-old child.

The below video was sent by the deranged woman to her husband - in it she is demanding he take care of his son.

She also says the boy's only still alive because she allowed him to be, and that if her husband failed to reply to her or come get the toddler, she would kill him because she was going crazy.

The husband received the message and it was later LIVESTREAMED on social media, by the husband's mother - in hopes that someone could stop the boy's mother and save him.

According to reports, CHILD SERVICES and POLICE were called, and they rushed to the home and rescued the child.

A source said that the Thai version of Child Protective Services was going to be taking the tiny victim from his mother.